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Our History

Driscoll Boat Works was originally founded as a boatyard on Shelter Island in 1947 by the brothers Harlan and Gerry Driscoll.

Intrepid boat sailing

Gerry Driscoll

Gerry’s full name was John Gerald Driscoll III, and in addition to founding the boat works, he became a legendary sailor and ship captain who participated in six America’s Cup races in various capacities. In his final America’s Cup in 1974, as captain of the Intrepid, Gerry changed the way competitors prepared for the race by introducing year-round training instead of just the four or five months before the race. (He nearly won that year, but the backstay — the cable securing the mast on the aft side — snapped, and that was that.)

Gerry Driscoll sailing
Crew sailing
Boat sailing
Two boats sailing
Crew standing on deck

Driscoll Boat Works and Driscoll’s Wharf

Under Gerry’s passionate leadership, the Shelter Island boatyard enjoyed several expansions into what would become Driscoll Boat Works, a major and influential presence in the San Diego marine community. The Driscolls developed a reputation for excellent craftsmanship on nearly all types of vessels. They opened a number of repair and maintenance facilities on San Diego Bay and Mission Bay, several boat brokerages, and Driscoll’s Wharf. Driscoll’s Wharf is a commercial fishing marina off San Diego Bay that provides berthing spaces, storage, and other services for commercial boats, crews, and their catches.

The Tradition Continues

Driscoll Boat Works is now in the hands of new generations of Driscolls who are continuing the family tradition of excellence in marine services with a team of experienced technicians, certified welders, old-world craftsmanship, and a state-of-the-art painting facility. The Driscolls are helping maintain San Diego’s position as a leading center of marine services, along with the respect and appreciation of boat owners worldwide for insisting on the highest standards in the industry for service and workmanship.